Shopping with Valette

I love shopping for lingerie. Loooove it. There’s something about all of the silk and satin and lace that just speaks to me (and my pocket book).

I’ll be sharing with you some of the amazing pieces and designers I have discovered online, and I’ll also tell you why pieces like these work so well for making you look great during your boudoir session.


This black sheer chiffon gown is–wow–so gorgeous. I love the sheer material, and the lace  around the edges is a fantastically feminine detail. It would be super sexy, whether worn all by itself or with a bra and panty set underneath, because sheer fabrics are fantastic for showing off your curves while covering strategic areas. With sheer gowns like this, soft back lighting would flatter every figure. When photographed in front of a large window, the material would let that natural light shine through and wrap all the way around you.


This high waisted panty and bralette set would look amazing underneath the sheer chiffon gown above, and the way the high cut emphasizes your waist would keep you looking great after you take the gown off. The black and gold opaque panels provide just enough coverage while the sheer sides and back are super teasing. The set already has a retro feel to it, one that can be made more pinup-y when paired with a set of black stockings and killer gold heels.

Killer gold heel suggestions: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4